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I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. This web site was founded on the principle that I can't possibly be the only person on the planet with this much bad taste. So sit right down set a spell. The Raider's got a lot of great stuff in the Treasure Trove that is looking for a new home with someone who loves this stuff as much as I do. I specialize in Star Wars, Star Trek, movies, Coke items, lunchboxes & a lot of other stuff that is hard to categorize. Basically, if an item was hip & popular during the last half of the 20th century, there is a decent possibility that it's here in the Raider's Treasure Trove. And don't forget to visit the Garage Sale section for special prices on items.

I want to appologize to my loyal readers who have been getting frustrated about the lack of updates and new additions. Life got in the way of my web page for awhile, but I am making a concerted effort to keep things much more up to date than I have been. So what's new? Lots of stuff! I've added some more stuff for sale, added a whole bunch of movie reviews that I had promised to you previously, and I have plans to add alot more stuff too. Please come back and visit to keep checking out the new things on my pages. I've redesigned all of the pages so they look better and are easier to navigate around the site. I've just added a new chat room where we can all talk about antiques, collectibles, movies, anything you want to talk about! Before you can chat with us, you'll need to register a name and password to use for your chat room identity. Check out upcoming chat room topics!

Make sure you make informed decisions at the video store. Visit my movie and video reviews section. This section is not complete. Come back frequently for more updates of new and older flicks. Make sure you check out each month's forgotten films selection.

Can't get enough of game shows? Try your expertise out on my Question of The Week! I don't hand out a million bucks, but winners do get a cool prize.

Hey, I just added the Walk of Fame. Come see who I've met of the rich and famous (or used to be much richer and/or famous).

This page is continually under construction. If you're looking for something that may not be listed here, let me know. I might just have it & haven't gotten it catalogued onto the page yet.

Don't forget to check out the Garage Sale section. This has a lot of items that don't fit easily into other categories and is a pretty diverse selection. You never quite know what you might find.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

This site was last updated: May 3, 2002

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Disclaimer: All items are for sale as is, no refunds or exchanges given. Size in photos are not to size. See item descriptions for size and details of each item. Shipping and Handling are extra charges.

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